Moreska or Moreska Sword Dance is a historic and traditional “fighting dance” - The Moreska Sword Dance came to the Island of Korcula in the 15th century.

The exact origins of Moreska is unclear, both Spain and Italy have a similar tradition, Spain has a word called 'Morisco' and Italy a word called 'Moresco'.

Moreska is said to be one of the oldest traditional European dances performed to this day, record show that the dance was performed as early as 1156, originally the dance reenacted the Christian victory over the Moors.

The Moreska Sword Dance is a wonderful spectacle reenacting the fight for the princess between the Black King and the White King
The performance ends when the princess is reunited with her true love.
Is it the Black King or the White King - Watch the video’s below to see the outcome.